Book – Leaders Assemble

Here are a couple of notes from the book which really resonated with me.

  • Everyone is a leader, if you do something, it makes an impact on others around you.

Key take aways which I should look further into:

  • Task conflict and relationship conflict are interesting topics I should look into further.

5 strategies to encourage task completion:

  • Power to implement – will
  • Avoiding approach – hope something will force choice
  • Accommodating – lack of decisiveness
  • Compromising – give and get, everyone might be dissatisfied
  • Collaborative – recently experienced this

Be alert to the stress and stress, including:

  • Time stress
  • Counter stress – difference with others
  • Situational stress
  • Anticipation stress
  • Use reactive or proactive strategies to disable or mitigate the stress

NB: As a manager, show your authentic self

  • e.g. Tony stark, presented personality to the world

We should strive to be servant leaders

Attraction, Selection, and Attrition Model

  • Use meta analysis
  • Put candidates through tests and scenarios that are realistic
  • Be sure they are also evaluating you